Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today, Lisa came over with sweet baby Nicolas to take some newborn pictures. He is so precious and did so good with his first photo shoot :) Especially being an old man, lol. (I usually do newborns under 2 weeks, but he is 2 months!!)

After Nicolas's pictures, we took Tyler to his first karate class. He has so much fun. He was absolutely adorable yelling "YES SIR" as he jumped to standing!

Every time the class had to yell something, Tyler could be heard over everyone else. He worked so hard to impress the instructors. I was really impressed at how well he listened and that he didn't try to talk to everyone.

After class, he went to the instructor and waited in line to ask him something. When it was his turn, he asked, "when can I test for my next belt?" The instructor, smiled and told him testing was every 9 weeks. Gotta love that enthusiasm!

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