Monday, January 2, 2012

Time flies

Time flies! How cliche, but how true! It seems like yesterday we were taking maternity pictures and now, I'm planning her first birthday. (Yes, I realize I am doing this 4 months early, but these parties require lots of work so I need a head start) I attempted 8 month pictures with Lexi, but with the tree up, the lighting in the house was horrible and it was actually cold outside, so no way we were doing that. So, I will repeat them this weekend, but I had to get a few snaps to document her 8 month birthday!

At 8 months, Lexi has her 2 bottom teeth, and the top two are breaking through any second now. She pulls up on everything and sometimes will let go for a second or two. The longest I have counted was 4 seconds. She doesn't lose her balance and fall, she just realizes she is standing so she sits... silly girl.

She cruises around her toys, the furniture, people, really anything she can hold onto. She got a push behind walker for Christmas that she likes to walk with. But once she sees her baby doll in it, she rescues her baby :) Lexi loves babies, both dolls and real ones! She wants to kiss all over her new cousin Nicolas.

Today, we let Caiden have a try at the bb gun. He has a little way to go with the aim, but he was so dang proud of himself :) He kept saying, "I can't believe I shot the gun! I missed, but it's ok." It was precious!

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