Friday, April 19, 2013

fun at the firehouse

We went on a field trip to the local firehouse. We've been before, but my boys can never get enough of fire trucks! We learned about the fire truck and all of the tools on the truck.

Then each child got a turn to get in the fire truck.

Then we went inside to see the kitchen and the entertainment room.

I think everyone's favorite part was watching the fireman in a mock emergency. Of course, the kids all wanted their turn. :)

Lastly, we got to time the fireman getting dressed. In a real emergency, time is crucial. All of the children were able to see what it looks and sounds like when a fireman is dressed for an actual fire. I pray that no one ever has to witness that firsthand, but if they do, hopefully, these kids won't be afraid! Thank you so much to all of the fireman and paramedics who risk so much to keep us safe!