Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a wonderful Easter. We dyed eggs Sat night. Tyler spilled the blue dye before we started. But we had a good time anyway. The boys woke up Easter morning to find their baskets filled with candy cars and little people figures. Caiden was more interested in Tyler's cars than his own toys. Then we went outside to find the eggs the Easter bunny hid in the yard. Caiden wasn't too concerned with the hunt, but he did like to open the eggs in search of chocolate. Tyler on the other hand really enjoyed the hunt. He actually found all of the eggs, I think. There was only one egg that he had a hard time with. The funny think is that it was sitting right on the windowsill. He was looking all around and in the bushes. But he eventually found it. We celebrated Easter at my dad's house then came home for a nap. The boys really enjoyed themselves and they looked super cute.