Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eight years ago, I couldn't have imagined all of the wonderful adventures Tyler and I would have. It seems just yesterday that mom fainted in the delivery room as the doctors tried to get Tyler to breath on his own! What a little miracle he's been, and I am so thankful for him every day!

Tyler may not be your typical child, but he is certainly the sweetest and most entertaining one! (ok, maybe I'm a bit biased, but I think anyone would agree that he is very sweet and always entertaining.) Tyler had a Transformer birthday party this past weekend with my family in Gulf Shores. We nearly burned the place down. (Note to self...don't place trick candles close together. And definitely never try them in a condo with a sprinkler system!) No, we didn't set off the sprinkler, but I was worried we would. The flame from the candles stretched out across the cake and almost caught the paper decorations on fire!

Tyler really enjoyed his birthday party. He finally got a Nintendo DS that he has been wanting as well as a new scooter, some games, some new rain boots, and a spy gear watch.

Then we went to play in the ocean for awhile. We had a blast, but Tyler decided he likes pools better. After drinking a little too much fishy water, he was ready to get out!

Afterwards. We went to Lamberts for dinner and Tyler caught a roll thrown from way in the back of the resturant. (Actually, the guy nailed him in the gut, but we won't go there) He also got to stand up as they wished him (and about 50 others) a happy birthday!

Since his actual birthday was on Tuesday, we took him out to eat at Cheeburger Cheeburger for his birthday. They also announced his birthday to the resturant, and he got a free ice cream! Afterwards we had another birthday cake, (Because you HAVE to have a cake on your actual birthday) and he got a few small gifts to open. His favorites were definitely the batman utility belt and the cool spiderman camera. Now he can take pictures like mommy!

Kyle's family is coming in this weekend from Houston, so they are bringing him gifts from them and another cake! Wow, I am seriously going to gain 50 pounds from cake alone!