Friday, July 12, 2013

Free math circus packet download!

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(from website)
A circus of math: fun with single digit addition project pack from in the Hands of a Child is a fun addition to any math curriculum! This 61- page project pack includes a short introduction to addition terms and vocabulary with 13 hands on activities to help bild your child's addition skills. Students will complete addition facts for all single digit numbers, play addition bingo and tic tac toe, and enjoy the wheel of sums to complete a lapbook that the student can use as a learning and review tool to learn single digit addition. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Gearing up for schooling three

We are schooling straight through the summer, but doing a more relaxed schedule. I have found that I really prefer taking breaks throughout the year, especially in the fall when we can actually get out and enjoy the weather. But, for the summer, things are slowing down quite a bit. Mostly we are focusing on math and a little science, but that will mostly be hands on and FUN! We are also members of the exploreum, so I'm sure we'll take a few field trips there over the summer.

During my "planning period" (yeah right,) I am working on organizing. I am creating some forms to share and will be trying to organize our "stuff." If I am successful with that, I'll share photos as well. It is always neat to see how others organize. I wish we had more space to organize the way I would like to. But since space is so limited in our tiny house, this will definitely be a challenge!

Friday, April 19, 2013

fun at the firehouse

We went on a field trip to the local firehouse. We've been before, but my boys can never get enough of fire trucks! We learned about the fire truck and all of the tools on the truck.

Then each child got a turn to get in the fire truck.

Then we went inside to see the kitchen and the entertainment room.

I think everyone's favorite part was watching the fireman in a mock emergency. Of course, the kids all wanted their turn. :)

Lastly, we got to time the fireman getting dressed. In a real emergency, time is crucial. All of the children were able to see what it looks and sounds like when a fireman is dressed for an actual fire. I pray that no one ever has to witness that firsthand, but if they do, hopefully, these kids won't be afraid! Thank you so much to all of the fireman and paramedics who risk so much to keep us safe!