Friday, May 31, 2013

Gearing up for schooling three

We are schooling straight through the summer, but doing a more relaxed schedule. I have found that I really prefer taking breaks throughout the year, especially in the fall when we can actually get out and enjoy the weather. But, for the summer, things are slowing down quite a bit. Mostly we are focusing on math and a little science, but that will mostly be hands on and FUN! We are also members of the exploreum, so I'm sure we'll take a few field trips there over the summer.

During my "planning period" (yeah right,) I am working on organizing. I am creating some forms to share and will be trying to organize our "stuff." If I am successful with that, I'll share photos as well. It is always neat to see how others organize. I wish we had more space to organize the way I would like to. But since space is so limited in our tiny house, this will definitely be a challenge!

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