Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in review

2011 brought us many blessings. One of the biggest blessings our family received this past year was the birth of Alexis. She is such a sweet and happy baby and her brothers can't get enough of her! We have enjoyed watching her grow and learn so many new things.

Our little family in April 2011

Our family in June 2011

Tyler joined a new coop in January. He took an art class and loved making new creations. I think he really found his inner artist!

We had an awesome Easter. The boys were excellent egg finders :) I was quite impressed at how well they worked together.

We even squeezed in a fun little picnic...

Caiden had his third birthday this year. The party theme was dinosaur train, one of his favorite shows. He loves dinosaurs and tractors/diggers/or any other big machine :)

Tyler had a Tony Hawk skater party. Lots of friends came to celebrate with him and we took it to the streets! We didn't let a little drizzle of rain spoil our fun.

We had a great visit from Grandma and grandpa Rogan in October. The weather was beautiful and the boys loved playing at a new park.

This is just a picture comparison for fun. This is me and my Lexi. Do you think she looks like me... even just a little????


  1. I was about to update my blog and found where you had done yours.. :)

  2. haha, yeah, I realized I hadn't posted in nearly a year, lol. I am hoping to do better this year :)