Friday, January 6, 2012

park day

Yes, that's right It's January and we are in shorts and short sleeved shirts heading to the park! It is a beautiful 75 degrees here in the south and we are loving this perfect weather God has given us.

We took a little walk down to the neighborhood park for a little exercise and fun. Lexi LOVED swinging. I wish had video taped how her little legs were just a swinging and kicking and her precious little squeal.

Caiden just wanted to run and run and run. He ran all over the place, but he did stop for a bit to enjoy "the web" as we call it.

Tyler played in the web most of the time, but we also attempted to see saw a little. And, he showed me how he can "fly" out of the swing. (Don't tell him, but I was a bit nervous b/c he was swinging so high. He was nearly even with the top bar of the swing set)

Lexi is finally getting the hang of eating. She used to stick out her tongue and start blowing as soon as she saw the spoon so that nothing could get in her mouth. I actually had to pry her mouth open with the spoon to put food in and then she would spit it out. She was always grabbing at our food, so I decided to give her a baby mum mum. She didn't really know what to do with it, but she liked putting it to her mouth. Now, she knows what to do with it and she also attempts to eat her food. (at least a few bites) But I'll take that :)This picture was just too cute and I had to share. She gave me this big ole smile while she had a mouth full of mum mum! She is such a happy girl.

I can't believe Alexis is already trying to walk. When Santa brought her this walker, I didn't think she would use it for awhile, but she actually enjoys pushing it around. But if her baby is in there, she takes her out. I mean, what kind of momma would she be if she just left her in there all the time like that?

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