Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Park day for the homeschool group

Today we met some new friends at the homeschool groups park day. Both the boys had a great time. We brought happy meals and ate with friends, then the kids ran loose onto the playground. This is one of our favorite playgrounds. It is so neat with all of the hiding places. Of course, that can also be a drawback when you can't see the kids. For that reason, I have to follow every step Caiden makes and I can't be with Tyler the whole time. But he didn't really want me tagging along behind him and his new friend anyway. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snap any pics of him on this trip, but I assure you, he had a great time too.

Actually, the only reason I was able to snap a few of Caiden is because he was trapped on the train, hahahaha!

He wasn't really sure what to think of this moving floor! At first he was a little scared, as I imagine anyone would be when the floor beneath you begins to move. But, he quickly found a smile and even more quickly found a way off of there!

Worn out from all of the fun we had today!

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