Thursday, September 30, 2010

A day with GG

The weather was so beautiful today, we just couldn't resist another park visit. But this time, we decided to pick GG up and have a picnic in the park! GG was more than thrilled to have special time with her grandbabies! And Tyler was equally excited to have someone to talk to about his newest toys, mighty beans and finger skate boards! He showed GG all about his mighty beans, which are like the old mexican jumping beans we used to play with as kids, except they are decorated like characters.

We had to make a quick pit stop at Walmart and I just couldn't help posting this sweet pic of the two of them lost in conversation.

As beautiful as the weather was, it began to heat up rather fast. The boys were so hot, they wanted to cool down on the swings. But wait, is that Tyler in that swing???
I thought my days of pushing him on the swing were over, lol!

After a bit of a cool down on the swings, the boys decided to climb the big web. Well, actually Tyler decided to climb and Caiden decided to copy! But I thought his effort was cute.

After we finished with the park, we headed over to mom's grave to decorate it for Halloween. My mom's favorite day of the year was October 1st because that was the beginning of "decorating season" She loved this time of year so much and now all of her kids share this love. Before mom passed, she made us all promise to keep her grave up and to decorate it for her! So I let the boys pick out some appropriate Halloween decorations for her. They wanted to put up a bat, but we couldn't find anything that would work. We did, however, find a package of spiders that was perfect! And, of course, we put out a pumpkin too. The boys had fun decorating and playing with the spiders. I am sure that mom was smiling down at the sight of her boys playing so sweetly at her grave!

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