Friday, October 29, 2010

My favorite time of year...

So, just to be clear, Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. But I do love the fall, which is the beginning of "decorating season" as my mom called it. I don't like the scary stuff, but I do have tons of pumpkins around the house and we will carve one tonight for Halloween night. I love being able to celebrate all the little things with the boys and see how excited it makes them. Holidays are always so much more fun when viewed through the eyes of a child. This year, we have a Halloween menu for the whole week leading up to Halloween. The boys have loved coming to the table to see what new creation, or creature, I have come up with for dinner. The first night, we had mummy dogs and pumpkin chilli. The mummy dogs were my favorite. I loved the little eyes peeking out.

The next night, we had creepy crawly macaroni and spider bread. This is just macaroni and cheese, I used the sprial kind, with carrot shreds and sliced up hotdogs. I normally wouldn't serve hot dogs 2 nights in a row, but I made an exception for this meal. The spider bread was a little tricky, but they turned out pretty cute!

Last night, I took it easy and just served ham-witches cut into the shape of pumpkins, with orange cheetos of course!

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