Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mom and dad's surprise...

Mom and dad have a surprise for you
but to get the answer, you must add the clues.
To find the first clue, look down low.
Find a toy that's used to tow.

You found a new toy for you.
But wait, are there more than two?
Now to find something neat,
look underneath mommy's seat!

You're doing good. You're doing great!
Mommy's craving a piece of cake.
What does mommy use to bake?
There you'll find a treat to take.

I love to read; I'll tell you why.
You learn so much; you ought to try.
There's something new upon the shelf.
Take a look now for yourself.

Now it's time for our review
Have you figured out the clues?
An extra toy, a bottlepop candy,
A bun in the oven, a book about a brand new baby?

You guessed it right, oh what fun.
Our little family wasn't done.
God is sending someone to play,
our new baby is on the way.


  1. Oh,I'm so happy for you...Your Mom is smiling down from heaven!!!