Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A new resource for autistic children

As a mommy of a child with aspergers, I am always looking for theraputic toys for him that he will actually enjoy. When he was younger it was much easier, but now that he is older and because we live in such a digital age, it has become more and more difficult to find games that actually benefit him in any way.


that was before I stumbled upon this blog


The blog author, Lily, is a stay at home military mom of 6 children, whew! And I thought I had it bad, lol. Just kidding of course, I love my boys and I know she does too! Lily, however, has a child on the autistic spectrum and was recently asked to review a game by a company called EASe. She and her son had remarkable results. See her blog for all the details!

Now, she and the coompany are hosting a contest for 2 lucky readers to receive a complimentary game or listening cd both designed to help children on the autistic spectrum. If you have a child on the spectrum, I highly suggest you take a look at this site. And don't forget to enter the contest on the blog!



  1. You won the Video Game "Off Road" for your baby!!!!

    Congratulations!!! I can not find your email anywhere, please send me your info hun, so I can have the game shipped to you!! ;)