Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or treat 2010

Tyler and Caiden had a blast dressing up for trick or treating. Tyler was Iron man, of course. I must say, he was the best Iron man I've seen. He had fun posing for pictures in his Iron man suit. He put it on Saturday and I had to MAKE him take if off so it wouldn't get messed up before Sunday, lol. He did however, wear it ALL DAY Sunday.

Caiden on the other hand, wasn't so concerned about his costume at first. I thought I might be able to convince him to go as the cute little spider I found... or the awesome monkey... or the precious robot... But, no. My little ball of personality insisted on being a COW, lol. He put on his suit just before we left. But I did manage to get a few pictures of him too.

Poor baby bit his tongue while eating his candy. How pitiful is that?

But it didn't take long to turn that frown upside down!

The first house we trick or treated was Tyler's friend's house. We invited his friend to walk around with us and they were so well behaved.

Not only did the boys have a ton of fun, but they loaded up on candy!

Caiden discovered that he LOVES smarties! He even went around feeding the rest of us!

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