Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back on track

It seems that summer has passed us by and unfortunately, we spent the last month at the hospital, doctor's office, or lying in bed. But I am happy to report that we are back on track now. I still have a few more tests for my kidney function and we are waiting to hear back on Tyler's liver function test, but I have faith that both will return positive results. However, b/c of the time spent being sick and playing Dr. Mom, I wasn't able to finish our school purchases. But that is no problem. we'll just wait another week to start our schooling. (Just one more great thing about homeschooling!)

This year, instead of buying the usual school supplies, backpack, lunchbox, and crayons, I bought Tyler some organizational items for his desk. Now he will be responsible for keeping it organized and cleaned off. Whew! One less thing for mom to do, lol! He isn't too excited about that, but he IS pretty pumped about his blue electric pencil sharpener! (Perhaps I should've bought more pencils, ha!)

I am so excited for the upcoming year. We are using the Sonlight curriculum for American history so I'll be studying that for the rest of this week preparing for our adventures to start next week. I decided on a Bible study for Tyler as well. We are using the Rod and Staff 4th grade reader and workbooks. I am really looking forward to this as well. The lessons seem very appropriate for him. But, I think I am the most excited about starting the math u see program. Tyler is very afraid of math. He doesn't like it at all; and, as we well know, math is vital to nearly every aspect of life! I know that it is up to me to turn this around and I am hoping that the math u see program will help me to do that! I keep talking about it trying to get him to join in my excitement, but he keeps telling me, "Whoa, momma! I think you are going WAYYYY overboard with all of this homeschoool stuff!" LOL LOL LOL! I guess only time will tell, but I definitely have very high expectations.

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