Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy new year

We wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year from our family. This new year has brought about many changes in our household. For starters, Tyler is now being homeschooled. At first I was a little nervous to say the least, but after the first day, I'm sure we'll do great. I really enjoy the extra time with him; and, he and Caiden have more time together as well to enjoy the really important things in life.

For our first lesson, we decided to use the book "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" as our theme. We were able to incorporate weather, news reporting, nutrition, community service, and recycling all into that theme. He has thus far enjoyed homeschooling. We are both really looking forward to the culmination of this lesson though because I have bought the movie to celebrate!

As for Caiden, well, he has some news of his own. Caiden is officially potty training. He was so excited about his potty that he got for Chirstmas that he couldn't wait to start using it. We have been using it since Christmas. But the past couple of days, he has actually been telling me he needs to go. Not every time, but I try and take him in between his frequent requests. He has decided that diapers are for babies and he won't lay down to put them on. So I either had to physically hold him down to put it on, let him run around naked, or put him in pullups. Hmmm, tough choice, but we went with the pull ups. He loves being able to put them on by himself and they even had monster trucks on them, an added bonus for a truckloving boy. Hopefully he'll be trained rather quickly as potty training is my LEAST favorite part of caring for children.

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